The Musical and Personal Legacy of William Byron Webster

His Music

An exceptionally talented, deeply devoted, and prolific opera composer, William Byron Webster, while not widely known, has been the object of extreme appreciation and admiration by those who do know his work — a dedicated group of music lovers who especially note Cyrano de Bergerac, a five act opera, and The Little Match Girl, a grand chamber opera. A quiet, modest, and deeply talented man, Webster has devoted much of his life to the creation of great  music deeply rooted in and profoundly  expressive of concepts of humanity, social  justice, and faith. This web site is dedicated  to introducing his remarkable  music and creativity to the wider audience  this remarkable man so richly deserves.

American Genesis

Anne Frank

Cyrano de Bergerac

Easter Hymn 28

I Have a Dream

The Little Match Girl

Monts pour la France

UN Declaration of Human Rights

The 23rd Psalm